Monday, 20 January 2014


It is tough to find common ground when a non-meat eater and a carnivore set up home together.  In this blog I shall be sharing some of my successful recipes that for the most part reach the happy medium where everyone gets a little of what they fancy!  

I first ventured into the vegetarian side of things for a long period of time through my teenage years and it was tough trying to find anything worth eating.  Why did I go back to chewing on animals? Quite simply a combination of laziness and lack of money whilst at university.  This time round, it is not about cute little animals getting killed but as a direct result of the horse meat scandal and the fact that the Government and supermarkets have quite blatantly been lying about the welfare of certain animals, in particular pigs.  It is not that horse was in the burgers but the fact that it wasn't on the packet.  It is a right of everyone to know what they are putting in their mouths and quite frankly I was disgusted when I saw some of the conditions these horses were living in.  Chucked down a shoot to be strangled then chopped up.  The worst bit being that some of the horses were still alive as the hanging hadn't been done properly.  

I was a little dubious about how to go about our different ways of eating but I needn't have been.  The products available today are diverse and more importantly very tasty.  This is great, but I am a great believer that food made from scratch is far better than processed foods and would like to think that in a week at least four meals are created in the kitchen rather than out of a packet.  It used to be every meal in our house, but there has to be a compromise somewhere.  There is always a salad on offer when vegetables aren't on the menu!

The major spanner in the works of late has been my new found hatred of fish.  Prawns  (the big ones not the 1970's Prawn Cocktail ones) are my ultimate favourite thing - as a result of the red snapper I ate in St Lucia fish and seafood are off the menu.  I have been trying to disguise it all with no joy - I am off fish for now.

So, I hope this blog proves useful for vegetarians, pescatarians and meat eaters - there is something for everyone!

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