Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Lil Bro's Chocolate Brownie

This simple recipe has been in our family file for at least twenty years thanks to my little brother who started it all those years ago!

This morning Mum and I worked together on producing this little dirty b*stard (though why she cleaned the prep area first I have no idea as there are still chocolate spray marks up the wall from my last attempt!) Here is how it goes ...

A few tips from me would be to add a few white chocolate buttons, ensure the cocoa and butter mix is hot when mixing with the other ingredients and cook for no more than 20 minutes to ensure it has a proper gooey, dirty consistancy.  As soon as the top crisps, wap it out!!!(Oh and fruits with a sprinkling of icing sugar makes it look nice)
So much history on one piece of paper - Mum worked for Immuno (a decent place) and lil bro's handwriting had finally become legible (shame about the spelling though)!! 

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