Monday, 10 March 2014

Nadia's Takeaway

It's latest name is Nadia's
This place, situated on quiet Southwold near Tesco has recently raised it's game.  The place is inviting from outside with its lovely interior design with its mood lighting and cushions. 

After having two below average deliveries (yes we get them to deliver despite only being five minutes away) and abstaining from their services, the curry urge took hold.  After the disappointment of Shakil's and their failure to compensate anything, we thought enough is enough.  

The original meal plan was to be a homemade pasta and salad.  Nope.  Walking past Nadia's with Dexter-Woof sealed our fate.  We popped in and reminded them of the 20% discount owed and ordered when we got home.  Alex went for the biryani which is loaded with saffron, so I couldn't try it and I ordered a korma sauce with a garlic nan to dip into it.  The popadums were ok, the red sauce wasn't a patch on Shakils, but they went down well with some of Alex's gorgeous mango chutney.

The food exceeded expectation and I would say that their garlic nan was the best I've had so far in Bicester.  It would have been nice to know if they had changed their kitchen staff, but with the hefty discount we received I decided it would be rude to start enquiring.  We let the food do the talking.  

They have the makings of a most competitive restaurant, if they had the space.  Such a shame they don't as I think they would do well.  For us, to be able to walk somewhere local that isn't the Bure Farm, would be amazing.

Well done, Nadia's, our faith is restored.  just deliver that same quality a few more times and I will mourn Shakil's no more!

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