Wednesday 5 March 2014

Mi sono affezionato Valentino's!!

Valentino's Heaton Moor - My favourite of all time!

 Valentino's is my favourite Italian restaurant ever.  It's often the tucked away eateries that come out best.  I grew up in Heaton Mersey and as a family we used to go out for a meal every Saturday night.  We had to ditch the Bernie Inn after Paul drank too much "helter skelter" and vommed all over a man's jacket! Before Valentino's we used to drive out and try different places all over the North West.  Italian food has always been a favourite with all of us Power's, Curtis-Power's, Sandy's and Sandy-Goodey's.  (There were only four of us in the beginning but it is best getting in all the names!)  Everyone knows how much I love Eros Ramazotti - well it is thanks to Valentino's and Chico for introducing me to him!

It was on walking up to the Moor Top (nickname for the Heaton Moor main drag of shops and pubs), we spotted a new Italian that had opened for business.  We had to investigate and were so impressed it became a weekly pilgrimage.  It opened in 1989 and is still thriving today.  There success, other than food and ambience, is mainly down to the fact that as they have thrived and grown over the years, they have not rammed any more seats in there and treat every customer so well regardless of the occasion.  Popularity has not made this family run business drop their standards in any way (Shakil's stop resting on your Loral's).  The menu is largely the same to this day. Not many independently owned establishments last 25 years.  It's longevity speaks for itself.

An intimate, Italian restaurant

It is fair to say that I have sampled everything off the menu in my time.  I like to focus on pasta's and calzone's these days as they are second to none.  The house wines are excellent and the staff are amazing.  It really is a little gem in a quiet suburban area but I have not found anywhere even close to this place.  I have fond memories there and always find time to go on a nostalgia trip every time I am in Manchester.  I keep willing local Italians to recreate this level of quality and I have been to loads of them in search - I am let down every time.  When I tell myself to disregard Valentino's, other establishments are pretty good.  Below are some of my favourite dishes that I have had most recently - if you go, be sure to have the Costellete di Maiate - ribs in the chefs special sauce too.  All of it is yum!

Funghi alla Valentino's - creamy winey garlicy mushrooms
Gamberi Romana - Garlic Prawns

Spagetti Carbonara
Calzone Chef - stuffed, folded pizza with that special tomato garlic sauce

The best garlic bread ever!
The best onion bread I have ever had

And there endeth the review of my favourite ever restaurant.  If blogs had been invented in 1989, I'd have done it sooner lol!


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