Monday, 17 February 2014

Long-Awaited Cabbages and Condoms Review

I love Thailand and have visited many places over there.  When not taking full advantage of the luxuries of Bangkok, I was trekking around Chiang Mai, Chang Rai and reaching the borders of Laos and Myanmar (Burma to those of the old school).  A personal favourite was the island of Koh Samui where my brother tied the knot on an idyllic beach setting.  I love the kind and chilled out people, the food and the magic of the Buddhist Temples.  My memories are fond; what a shame they are at war right now.  

Back to Cabbages and Condoms.  My Mum was at a global conference in Bangkok and invited me to attend.  One night I was told to dress smartly as we were going to a top notch restaurant in the city.  It was Cabbages and Condoms.  It was a vast restaurant, at least three times the capacity of the one here.  The walls were frangipani trees and the food was exceptional.  Here I learned of how rude it is to eat off a fork - I wish people would play the game on this one.  This restaurant's quirky condom theme is actually part of a massive campaign started in the 1970's to raise awareness about safe sex.  I have to say that receiving a condom rather than an after dinner mint seemed hilarious at the time.

I had been aware that Trinity in Bicester has been owned by the Thai company for a number of years.  I was delighted when I realised that it had become a real Cabbages and Condoms - their deliberate "slow launch" meant it took me a while.  I really don't think people in Bicester actually realise what has fallen onto their doorsteps and the fact that they are working with the NHS to continue their plight to raise awareness with regard to safe sex.

All that aside, the valentine night experience didn't disappoint.  What I love about the place is the authentic food and regular staff ... these guys rock!

Jeep ... she is such a sweetie ... so lovely!

Sonny - please quit drowning me in Thai Rum - it is vicious!
These were the guys who made my hen do so special and who continue to welcome us every time.  This time it was cocktails... 

Black Russian

Evil Red Fuel

Vodka Martini ... I've been watching too much Gossip Girl!

As for the beer (a must with a thai meal) Alex chooses Singha and I choose Chiang.  After our mixed starter which consists of giant tempura prawns, chicken satay skewers, spring rolls, the most succulent of prawn toasts ever (has actual prawns in it) and vegetable parcels, we both opted to try something new.  Of late, I have been opting for seafood (with the biggest mussels I have ever seen) in tamarind sauce with coconut rice where Alex has been taken by the Pangasius (asian cat fish) with sweet chilli sauce - also a favourite with Helen.  This time we had these (notice the lovely touch with the rice - their attention to detail is excellent!) :

Prawn Panang Curry (not spicy at all) 

Nice touch 

Red Curry with Duck (not too spicy)

To finish I got twatted with the evil, black market thai rum whilst Alex indulged in a fried ice cream - flavours to choose from included thai green tea.  


Presentation is excellent!

I can't impress on anyone enough just how lucky we are to have this restaurant here.  Expand your minds and travel to Bangkok without leaving Bicester, Authentic background music - for example going to an italian playing chart music bugs me -  truly awesome food and lovely staff make for a great all round dining experience.  

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