Monday, 22 December 2014

Pea Salad!

Serving Suggestion

As per usual I have come back from Australia brimming with ideas thanks to my lovely lil sis-in-law!  This recipe is made up of a combination of two of her recipes, mainly due to ingredients available here in the winter versus their ingredients in the summer.  We are having salmon, pea salad and some simply salt and pepper baked potatoes on the side for Alex but it is great for bbq's too. 

Here we go!!


Half a pack of frozen garden peas (frozen is fresher!!)
One medium red onion chopped finely
Half a cabbage, thinly sliced
Pancetta cubes
Half a pack of feta cheese

Heat for 10 minutes

Cover the peas, cabbage and onion with water (and either semi-dried basil or mint) and simmer for 10 minutes then place in a glass bowl.  Then lightly brown the pancetta and add to the mix.  Let the mixture cool down before adding your tiny cubes of feta.  

THE DRESSING (best made the night before):

Olive Oil or Rapeseed Oil
Two garlic cloves
Cider Vinegar
Wholegrain Mustard
Canadian Maple Syrup
Salt and Pepper to taste

Take a jar and place two parts of olive/rapeseed oil to one part of cider vinegar with the garlic cloves.  Add a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard and two teaspoons of maple syrup along with your personal preference of salt and pepper. 

Finished Salad

As for the salmon, best keep it boring as the dressing will do all the hard work!!

Totally simple and ridiculously yum ... I hate veg, but this is pretty nice!

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