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Easy Tips For Making A Good BBQ

Not A Good Way To Start - Safety First!
It's no secret that we at the Sandy-Goodey house love a good barbecue.  Veggie or Carnivore, all tastes are catered for here!  I personally like to pick at many different things rather than a huge portion of one thing.  My absolute favourite food is salad in all its many guises.  I just love it.  I get bored with bland flavours and too much of the same thing.  That is why an Alex/Jo barbecue is so well received.  Something for everyone and the best bit is that after all my preparation, Alex takes over with the cooking - I am allowed nowhere near the sacred barbecue!  Here follows some of our recipes and marinades that make it so special.  As you can see there are no complaints!

One of the first things we did to our house on moving in was make the garden a nice place to have a barbecue.  We ripped out the grass, shrubs and have two dining areas, the decking with the chiminea and the patio area.  Come rain or shine, our parasols do their job.  This is an early development photo.

So, onto those recipes!

Carrot and cheese
Such a complex recipe but it's worth the toil! Grate carrots and strong cheddar.  Thats that one done (thanks for the recipe Aussie Nana!)

Green Salad

Rocket, diced cucumber, diced green pepper, thinly sliced spring onions

Tomato Salad

Beef tomatoes (sliced) black olives (whole) ripped basil leaves, cubed feta, sliced red onion and balsamic vinegar

Laurens Potato Salad

New Potatoes, sliced.  Thinly Sliced Gherkin, wholegrain mustard, mayo and white wine vinegar - fit as a butchers dog!


Chicken In Various Marinades

Having a brother and sis in law in Australia has it's clear advantages.  Let's face it, the aussies know a thing or two about barbies!  Whether you marinade in your own favourite flavours - Our is garlic and chilli butter (well Pure to be precise) or find something else you like, we like these "Outback" marinades for an authentic taste.  

Good luck sourcing this little lot!


Best ribs, already marinated ... the prize goes to Peter Goss.  Spot on, not much fat and not much emphasis on bones.  Awesome!

Prawn, Pineapple and Chorizo Skewers

Does what it says on the tin, once on the skewer drizzle with sweet chilli sauce.  It is a me creation but boy its good!

Chinese BBQ Pork

Yum all the way.  Use a shop bought bbq sauce - Nando's do a good one and marinade over night.  Before putting on the barbie cut into strips.  After cooking, serve in a pitta bread with spring onions, iceberg and cucumber with a drizzle of Hoisin Sauce. Simple but totally yum!


Paneer Skewers

Nobody is left out at one of our affairs.  Paneer is most a most versatile of cheeses.  Can't get paneer then use halloumi.  Alternate the cheese, pineapple and red peppers with a drizzle of soy sauce

General Veggie Stuff

The best sausages and burgers available in my opinion are Linda McCartney Mozzarella Burgers available in the freezer section in most decent outlets and Tesco's meat free sausages.  These compliment all the sides very well.

Burgers and Sausages

I urge you to spend that little bit more.  The supermarkets cannot compete with a good burger or sausage from the butcher.  Barbecues are not, in my opinion, a cheap feed.  Quality is everything and you won't find a substandard piece of meat/horse find it's way onto our barbie ever!  If you are really pushing the boat out try cooking a good rib eye.  

BBQ Sides

Stick some corn on the cobs, salted asparagus and make caramelised onions on to cook.  Buy the best buns and hotdog rolls - we like seeded ones and try melting brie or roquefort on the burgers to add that special touch!  Taking the time to make garlic mushrooms using minced garlic and cream adds that special touch


How long is a piece of string?  Salad dressings a must.  Aldi do an exceptional range including relishes like chilli, burger sauce and onion.  Blue Dragon are great for the oriental flavours and of course the obligatory French's mustard and Heinz Ketchup - your choice!!

All that remains is to make sure the booze/shots flow - get your guests to invent cocktails!  Power to your garden is a bonus, as it is your bbq, your guests have to endure your tunes, as do the neighbours.  



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